2015 Beer list now available

The 4th Isle of Man Beer and Cider Festival has 132 different beers, over twice as many casks of ale as we had at our first festival in 2012. Moving to a larger venue, having enjoyed the hospitality of the Freemasons’ Hall in Douglas for three years enables us not only to have a wider choice of beers and ciders but also triple capacity in terms of people.

The beers have been sourced from all over the UK as well as from all four of the Island’s breweries. We have all styles represented – blondes (beers that is), golden ones, dark beers, mild’s, stouts and porters alongside bitters, best bitters and session beers. Wheat beers and strong beers also make their presence known. The lowest strength beer, at 2.8%, is a brand new beer and is made with lemongrass amongst its ingredients – real summery session ale and we are amongst the first people to try it. The strongest is a 9.4% beer from our friends at Hooded Ram Brewery in Douglas. 

We will of course be spoiling everyone’s fun by serving the stronger beers in half pint or third of a pint measures.

Look out for the more unusual beers – we have wheat beers, strong beers, session beers, made with spices, fruit, vanilla pods, coffee beans, honey and even oysters. We even have beers made with organic oats or suitable for vegans and breweries that grow their own barley – from plough to pint, as they say.

Something for everyone.

Real Ale? It’s not always a lot of brown frothy liquid in a large glass!