Beers, Ciders and Fruit Wines

Below is the list of beers on order for 2023


Abbeydale: Deception

Abbeydale: Moonshine

Acorn: Barnsley Bitter

Acorn: Blonde

Acorn: Gorlovka

Acorn: Old Moor Porter

Acorn: Yorkshire Pride

Adnams: Oyster Stout

Arbor: Breakfast Stout

Arbor: Mosaic

Arbor: Shangri La

Arran Brewery: Blonde

Arran Brewery: Dark

Arran Brewery: Red Squirrel

Bowland Brewery: Bowland Gold

Bowland Brewery: Boxer Blonde

Bowland Brewery: Bumble

Bowland Brewery: Pheasant Plucker

Bushys: Manannan’s Cloak

Bushys: Oyster Stout

Bushys: Pegasus

Bushys: Pegasus

Bushys: Wild Thing

Castle Rock: Harvest Pale

Coach House: Banoffee

Coach House: Farriers Best Bitter

Coach House: Strawberry Blonde

Coach House: Inkeepers Special Reserve

Coach House: Old Porter

Craven Brew Co: BAP Black Angus Porter

Craven Brew Co: BYB – Best Yorkshire Bitter

Craven Brew Co: EFA Extra Fine Ale

Craven Brew Co: SPA Session Pale Ale

Craven Brew Co: YPA Yorkshire Pale Ale

Electric Bear: Horton Hears a brew

Fat Cat: Tom Cat

Fyne: Jarl

Good Chemistry: Supper Club

Gower: Power

Ilkley: Joshua Jane

Ilkley: Mary Jane

JW Lees: Stout

Kaneens: Dhoo

Kaneens: Lhune Airh

Kaneens: Ruby Beer

Lincoln Green: The Bitter End

New Bristol: Baby Ruby Ruby

New Bristol: Cinder Toffee Stout

Oakham: Citra

Oakham: JHB

Okells: Bitter

Odin: Festivia Pale Ale

Okells: Dhoolish

Okells: MPA

Odin: Black Claw

Odin: Little King Louis

Odin: Festivia Pale Ale

Odin: Mild

Ossett: Excelsius

Ossett: Voodoo

Ossett: White Rat

Ossett: Yorkshire Blonde

Pennine: Amber Necker Session Ale

Pennine: Hair of the Dog

Pennine: Millie George Blond

Pennine: Pennine IPA

Phesantry: Best Bitter

Purity: Mad Goose

Roosters: Easy Going Assassin

Rudgate: Battleaxe

Rudgate: Chocolate Stout

Rudgate: Jorvik Blonde

Rudgate: Ruby Mild

Rudgate: South Pacific Ale

Salopian: Darwins Origin

Salopian: Lemon Dream

Shiny: Banoffee Swirl

Shiny: Microtones

Shiny: Rocky

Shiny: Wench

Squawk: Crex

Squawk: Pavo

Thirst Class: Any Porter in a Storm

Thirst Class: Bitter Me Up

Thirst Class: Elephant Hawk IPA

Thornbridge: Brother Rabbit

Thornbridge: Jaipur

Timmy Taylors: Dark Mild

Titanic: Cherry Porter

Titanic: Classic Mild

Vocation: Life and Death

Titanic: Titanic Stout

Vocation: Heart and Soul

Woodfordes: Volt IPA

Titanic: Raspberry Pale

Titanic: Plum Porter

Titanic: Chocolate and Vanilla Stout

Woodfordes: Nog

Woodfordes: Wherry

Titanic: Raspberry Pale

Titanic: Chocolate and Vanilla Stout

Radical Brewing: Stratosphere Rising

Radical Brewing: Supernova Sunshine


Barbourne: Sweet Kernel

Barbourne: Tangerine Dream

Barbourne: Worcestershire Perry

Big Nose & Beardy: Session

Black Rat: Perry

Broadoak: Crimson King

Broadoak: Old Bristolian

Broadoak: Premium Perry

Bumblebee Cider: Gribble

Burrow Hill: Burrow Hill Cider

Butford Organics: Organic Cider

Celtic Marches: Hairy Ferret

Chant’s Cider: Singing Cider

Cockeyed: Cockbird

Cotswold: Freak Show

Cranborne Chase: Vintage

Dorset Nectar: Hunny Bubble

Dudda’s Tun: Original

Dunkertons: Dry Organic

Farmer Jim: Rhubarb Bob

Farmer Jim’s: Apple Red

Gwatkin: Game Cock

Gwatkin: Norman Cider

Gwatkin: Squeal Pig

Gwatkin: Thorn Perry

Gwatkin: Yarlington Mill

Gwynt y Ddraig: Black Dragon

Gwynt Y Ddraig: Two Trees Perry

Hallets: PX

Harefields: Harefields Bold

Hunt’s: Bull Walloper

Innocent Pilgrim: Pimpernel

Innocent Pilgrim: White Norman Cyder

Isle of Cider: Oddfella’s Grandmaster

Isle of Cider: Oddfella’s Whisky Cask

Manx Cider: Jenny Lay Back

Manx Cider: Jimmy Kick Start

Manx Cider: Johnny Jump Up

Manx Cider: Whisky Cask

Meon Valley: Heron’s Crest

Mr Whitehead’s: Hampshire Perry

New Forest Cider: Snake-catcher Scrumpy

Newton Court: First Press

Newton Court: Gasping Goose

Newton Court: Little Owl

Newton Court: Panting Partridge

Pulp Cider: Damson

Seacider: White Peach

Templar’s Choice: Normandy Dry

Tutt’s Clump: Royal Berkshire

Tutt’s Clump: Cranberry

Tutt’s Clump: Perry

Twisted Cider: Wild Orchard

Ventons: Sweet Maid in Devon

Fruit Wines and Mead

Fruit Wines
Apricot Elderflower
Birch Ginger
Black Beer & Raisin Gooseberry
Blackberry Nettle
Blackcurrant Peach
Cherry Plum
Cowslip Raspberry
Damson Sloe
Elderberry Strawberry
Garden Mead Traditional Mead
Tournament Mead West Country Mead
Chilli Mead Rhubarb Mead

Craft Beers – Available on the Monkey Bar

  • Buxton Brewery x Omnipollo: Original Honey Melon Kiwi Lime Ice Cream Sorbet
  • Buxton Brewery: Deepdale
  • Buxton Brewery: Middle Tor
  • Duration x Whiplash: The Road Don’t Go Forever DIPA
  • Foraging Vintners: Ginger Beer
  • Foraging Vintners: Longtail Cider
  • Glasshouse Beer Co: Bringing Seshy Back
  • Heaney Brewery: Irish Stout
  • Heaney Brewery: Irish White Ale
  • Heist Brew Co: Little Miss Piggy
  • Heist Brew Co: All Green on the Yellow Front
  • Noa Brewhouse: Coffee Porter
  • Noa Brewhouse: Hazy Pale
  • Noa Brewhouse: Pecan Nut Brown
  • Queer Brewing Co: Cycle of Invisibility
  • Queer Brewing Co: Let Your Body Learn
  • Queer Brewing Co: Tiny Dots
  • Spookton Brew Co: Imposter Syndrome
  • Spookton Brew Co: Struggle Bus
  • Track Brewing Co: Downstate
  • Vault City: Mango Raspberry Melba
  • Wylam: Hickey The Rake